When We Meet

We’re a brand new community, so when and where we meet is all very fluid. You can plan on Sunday evenings at 6 PM, but we’re also open to meeting any other times as well. Just ask! And follow us on social media to find out about other opportunities.

Right now, we’re probably not what you would consider a church. We’re just hanging out talking about things in the Bible that we don’t typically talk about in church. There’s no sermon or singing. Each week we have a topic to discuss (posted ahead of time on social media), but we love to talk about other things as well. (There’s no expectation that everyone talks, so no need to feel intimidated.)

From week to week, we meet in people’s homes, restaurants, or wherever feels like the right place. We keep everyone informed each week, but if you’re new just email location@sofochurch.org and we’ll let you know where we’re going to be! It will be somewhere in this general vicinity:

Area Map